Sample Lids printed on Desco MachinesThe Desco range of lid printers is available in various specifications with up to six color printing and the capability to handle lids up to 355mm max. diameter - options are available for single-lane or multi-lane handlling for round and rectangular profiles.




DLP-4 Four Color

DLP-4 - Four Color Lid Printer

Lids up to 9" (228mm) diameter or Dual Print Lids up to 4¼" (107mm) diameter

DLP-4 Desco Lid Printer


  • Perfect register printing — up to four colors
  • Positive control of lids through feeding, printing and transfer
  • Convenient and versatile control station
  • Solid-state D.C. variable speed drive
  • Single or dual lid printing
  • Four color heads with removable roll sections
  • Ample platen access
  • Micro table height adjustment
  • Quick timing adjustment
  • Over-ride clutch protection of machine components
  • Convenient, positive pressure and ink flow controls
  • Adjustable speed ink fountain roll
  • Solid construction


Accessories & Options

  • Flame or Corona treat systems
  • Automatic lid feeders — single, dual or adjustable
  • Adjustable magnetic or pin bar clamp plate cylinders
  • Printing system can be equipped with either infrared or (UV) ultraviolet curing system
  • Screw or combination screw roller re-stacker



  • Lid printing maximum diameter — 9" (228mm)
  • Dual lid printing maximum diameter — 4.5" (107mm)