The best situation for start up and/or maintenance of your Desco system is to have a qualified member of our staff visit your location.

All field service is performed only on Desco Systems and must be confirmed by a prior written purchase order.

Labor charges will include our representative's time and food and are subject to change. The current charges can be verified with our Service Department. Charges for transportation, lodging, Visas, travel documents, spare parts, etc., are additional.

We encourage you to arrange and pay for local items directly. However, we can arrange to prepay and invoice you for these items. Please co-ordinate with our Service Department on the preferred method.

Expenses for extra hours and extra days can be avoided through control of delays beyond the control or anticipation of our company.

We assume that at the time of a field service call, the electrical and mechanical operation of the system to be worked on is in accordance with the original factory specification, including all guarding.

If the condition is found to the contrary, our representative will notify you. The responsibilities and consequences as a result of any changes are your company’s, thus, the possibility may arise that additional time and material expenses may be necessary to accomplish the original specific task. We will review the existing system and determine the feasibility and necessary direction suitable to the appointed work order. Should we choose not to perform any work due to the condition of the system or inability to mutually agree upon the direction of the work, all labor and expenses incurred to that point will be fully compensated by your company.

Our Field Service Policy Glossary is conveniently arranged in alphabetical order. Unless rescinded in writing, all of the work performed will be under these Terms and Conditions and in harmony with the current price schedule at the time the work is instituted.

We consider the field service acceptable and complete upon your affixed signature on our Service Work Order Form.

Thank you for working with us to install and/or service your Desco Engineered System.


ABNORMAL WORKDAY Work time earlier than 7:30 a.m. and later than 4:30 p.m. Any work not considered as a Normal Workday.
DESCO SYSTEM All items provided by Desco.
HOLIDAY WORK Work performed on the following Desco holidays:
  New Years Day January 1st
Good Friday Friday before Easter
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Independence Day July 4th
Labor Day First Monday in September
Thanksgiving Day Last Thursday in November
Thanksgiving Friday Last Friday in November
Christmas Eve December 24th
Christmas Day December 25th
New Years Eve December 31st
LODGING Marriott, Holiday Inn, Hyatt Regency, Hilton, or equal local class with English speaking staff member, private bath, telephone access, etc. One person per room.
LUNCH PERIOD 30 minutes free time following each 4 hours of work.
MAXIMUM WORKDAY 12 hours, each 24 hour period.
NORMAL WORKDAY 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., 8 hours including rest and lunch periods. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
OVERTIME Work performed in a one day period over 8 hours, and all work performed on abnormal workdays and holidays.
PAYMENT In U.S. dollars.
REST PERIOD 15 minutes free time during each 4 hours of work.


AIR - SCHEDULED FLIGHTS All Single Air Flights: Economy Class
AUTO RENTAL - Arrival Point to Customer’s Location:
  Less than 1-hour drive time:
Compact Class
More than 1 hour drive time:
Standard Class
More than 1 Desco staff member regardless of time:
Standard Class
BUS First Class
TAXI or LIMO As agreed upon.
LOCAL Utilizing Desco vehicle, door to door as trip odometer reading.
TRAVEL TIME Time spent in transit between the Desco facility and the customer’s location.
TRAVEL TIME DAY Transit time of approximately 8 hours.
TRAVEL TIME HOUR Transit time less than or greater than travel time day.
VISA or TRAVEL DOCUMENTS Paperwork and/or charges required by customer’s country to allow proper legal entry and exit of Desco personnel.
WEEKEND WORK Work performed Saturday or Sunday.


  Planned Trip (more than 2 weeks notice)
  Service Technician Assembly Master /Engineer /Supervisor
Normal Workdays US$ US$
Normal Workday Hour 150.00 190.00
Abnormal Workday Hour 190.00 210.00
Normal Workday Overtime Hour 225.00 250.00
Normal Workday 1200.00 1350.00
Weekend Work US$ US$
Weekend Workday Hour 240.00 250.00
Weekend Workday Overtime Hour 325.00 340.00
Weekend Workday 1700.00 1800.00
Holiday Work US$ US$
Holiday Workday Hour 250.00 275.00
Holiday Workday Overtime Hour 365.00 400.00
Holiday Workday 1800.00 2000.00
Travel US$ US$
Travel Time Hour 125.00 150.00
Travel Time Day 1000.00 1200.00
Local Travel per Mile 0.50
Visa or Travel Documents At Cost At Cost
Transportation At Cost At Cost

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