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x Color                              • DSP-8 Eight Color

                                     DSP-6 Six Color Pail Printers

                                     The DSP-6 is our mid-range pail printing system and is capable of printing in up to six colors on pails
                                     of varying sizes. The DSP-6 will provide you with consistent service on a day-to-day basis for many
                                     years, and since all our systems are built with a “building block” concept, it can be automated in
                                     various ways, either when initially purchased, or at any time in the future. These automation options
                                     can increase production efficiency, lower labor costs, and meet your specific production requirements.

                                         • 1 to 6 Color capability including FlexapexTM option
                                         • 1 to 6 Gallon Pails
                                         • Round, Oval, Square & Rectangular
                                         • Full range of Options & Ancillary Equipment available
                                        • DSP-6-UVM model with UV Drying on Mandrel

ers                                  DSP-6-UVM

ht colors, including half-tones,
uired. It is modular in design
omation can be incorporated in
s, either now or at a later date.
se” and will continually provide
ur pails for many years. It is
ucing machine in your facility.
ding FlexapexTM option

cillary Equipment available
 Drying on Mandrel

                       DSP-4         DSP-4-UVM  DSP-6  DSP-6-UVM                                            DSP-8                  DSP-8-UVM
                           4                                                                                                               8
 Colors                   No         4668
el UV Drying               4                                                                                                             Yes
drels                                Yes No Yes No                                                                                         6
ght            5,000 lbs (2,268 kg)
Part Taper                           6464                                                                                    27,000 lbs (12,250 kg)

ight & Length                        7,500 lbs (3,400 kg) 15,000 lbs (6,800 kg) 18,000 lbs (8,160 kg) 18,000 lbs (8,160 kg)

Speed                                           Diameter: 14" (350mm) max. • Part Taper: 15° max.
                                                                                      18" (460mm) max.
               Height: 12" (304mm) max. • Length: Magnetic Plate Drum: 37.5" (952mm) - max. or Pin Bar Plate: 34.5" (876mm) - max.

               From 1 to 6 Gallon (3.785 to 25 litre) Pails - solutions available for Round, Oval, Square and Rectangular
                                 Depending on size of containers and on ancillary feeding equipment selected.

                                                All standards catered for based on Customer’s Requirements

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