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Pail and Bucket Printers Range

Our range of Pail & Bucket Printers

Desco Pail Printers are designed to provide high-speed continuous production. Desco's renowned high quality of construction,
combined with industry leading dry offset printing heads, has always offered the ultimate in high quality and reliability for the
production of all types of artwork onto buckets, pails and similar shaped containers.

Models are available to suit all levels of production requirements and every
machine is available with a range of options that cannot be matched by any
other other manufacturer. Every machine is offered with a variety of different
product handling solutions to suit individual requirements for automated
feeding, nesting, de-nesting, stacking, etc.

Whatever your requirements, whether for round, oval, square or rectangular
pails, Desco have the best solutions available anywhere. Every machine is
customized to meet each customer's individual specifications to provide a
perfect fit for your production needs.

The most effective combination of pail printer & accessories for your
application can only be determined by analysis of your specific pail printing
requirements. Based on our global experience of over 300 machine
installations, we can supply the right solutions.

Standard Benefits offered on all Desco Pail Printers

Feature                                                     Benefit

Welded Steel Machine Base & Blanket Tower                   Rigid integrated structure prevents any flexing or movement of the print carriage
                                                            assemblies to ensure flawless print accuracy.
Positive Timing throughout the Machine
Flame Treating System (adjustable flame length 6-12         As a helical gear driven machine, there are less wear and tear related issues
inches)                                                     which are typically associated with timing belts and chains.
Adjustments for Print Angle, Print Height & Print Pressure
Accurate Registration Printing in up to 4, 6 or 8 Colors    Provides ideal levels of pre-print surface tension in the substrate material to
depending on machine type                                   ensure a receptive surface and optimum ink adhesion.
All Printing in One Pass – Line, Halftone, Full Process or
any combination                                             Print system is easily and quickly adaptable for different sizes of container,
Large Diameter Form Roll to Eliminate Ghost                 reduces downtime.

Anti-Backlash Plate Cylinder Gearing                        High quality printing without variation from product to product.

Micro Axial & Radial Plate Cylinder Adjustments             All colors are transferred to the product in a single rotation of the offset blanket
                                                            drum, thus guaranteeing registration and quality.
Swing-Away Ink Roll Sections
                                                            Prevents inconsistencies in inking densities caused by the inadequate ink
Variable Speed Ink Fountain Roll Drive Motor                transfer ability of smaller diameter form rolls, ensures better overall print quality.

Swing Control Panel                                         Eliminates any gear marking or inconsistencies in print due to imperfect gear
Full Electronic Control & Systems Monitor through PLC       adjustments, providing a higher printing quality.
with Diagnostic Display
Heavy Duty Index Cam                                        Allows fast and precise adjustments for registration between colors when
                                                            setting up new artworks, reduces downtime.

                                                            Provides easy access for operators for plate mounting and for cleaning, saving
                                                            time and effort.

                                                            Ensures totally consistent ink transfer every time the dance roller operates to
                                                            add ink to the print head distribution rolls, provides better quality printing.

                                                            Allows the operator to monitor and control the machine from different positions
                                                            as required, saving time and effort.

                                                            Provides operators and technicians with all the necessary information and
                                                            controls to run and service the machine successfully.

                                                            Provides precise indexing, stability during the printing operation and the
                                                            durability required for 24/7 operation for years to come.

Safety Shielding & Guarding                                 Prevents accidents – meets statutory requirements.

... and we have a great selection of Options & Ancillary Equipment - see pages 6 and 7.

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