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Quality and Innovation

     World Leading Printing Solutions

        Desco Machine Company is an innovator of high quality, cost efficient printing systems for the pail and bucket industries. We
        have been manufacturing industry leading solutions since 1985 and now, as a division of Apex Machine Company, an
        ISO9001:2008 certified company; we are offering significant developments and technical advances for our product range. Apex
        brings to Desco a wide range of new technologies along with a group of engineers experienced in cutting-edge printing and
        handling processes that are bringing a wealth of expertise to our line of printing systems.

        Many applications are unique in the pail/bucket industry so we start by analyzing each customer’s specific printing requirements.
        We then provide a detailed, comprehensive equipment recommendation, for the most cost effective integration of printing
        features and accessories available at the most competitive price possible.

        Once your system is built, tested, and delivered, our commitment to ensuring your Desco system produces superior quality
        printing with outstanding results on a 24/7 basis has just begun. Our experts install the equipment and train your staff to ensure
        the system’s optimal performance, and our support teams are always available to assist as well.

      Modern Manufacturing

        Desco Machine Company is dedicated to manufacturing
        excellence, and we are staffed with experienced industry
        professionals that are leaders in their fields to achieve and
        maintain that excellence. Our engineering team uses the
        latest design software and works hand-in-hand with each
        customer to provide printing machinery that meets
        expectations now and, as production requirements increase,
        enables growth in the future. Our manufacturing facility
        contains state-of-the art equipment, and with our skilled and
        experienced personnel, we can ensure superior quality and
        timely delivery of your printing machine.

        We provide the printing machines, associated handling equipment, spare parts,
        printing plates, inks, blankets, and print consumables…the complete package.
        Our laboratory is available for special sampling and ink testing trials, and our
        graphics department offers full service design and plate-making, including laser
        plates, using the very latest technologies.

      Exceptional Service

        Desco Machine Company knows that our customers expect and require superior
        service. We can provide up to date project reports while your equipment is being
        designed and manufactured, and our ability to pinpoint the status of machinery
        moving through production illustrates our ability to keep our customers informed.

        You can be assured that our customer care does not stop after you receive your Desco printing system. We work with you
        every step of the way to ensure your printing machine has the long trouble-free life typically associated with Desco equipment.
        Long after your Desco system arrives on your floor, our technicians will ensure that your printing machine/s are inspected,
        serviced, and adjusted to manufacturing specifications.

        In addition, one of the many benefits of our relationship with Apex Machine Company is that we can now offer a larger worldwide
        presence for both sales and service, and we now have technicians based all over the world that travel extensively installing and
        servicing our machinery.

        Desco is committed to providing the highest quality printing equipment, consumable products, and most importantly, superior
        service to our customers. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with each and every Desco system owner and forge
        a partnership to ensure that your company is completely satisfied with their investment – now and in the future.

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