Pails & Buckets printed on Desco equipment

Our range of Pail & Bucket Printers

Desco Pail Printers are designed to provide high-speed continuous production. Desco's renowned high quality of construction, combined with industry leading dry offset printing heads, has always offered the ultimate in high quality and reliability for the production of all types of artwork onto buckets, pails and similar shaped containers.

Models are available to suit all levels of production requirements and every machine is available with a range of options that cannot be matched by any other manufacturer. Every machine is offered with a variety of different product handling solutions to suit individual requirements for automated feeding, nesting, de-nesting, stacking, etc. Each model is optionally available with UV drying on Mandrel (UVM).

Whatever your requirements, whether for round, oval, square or rectangular pails, Desco have the best solutions available anywhere. Every machine is customized to meet each customer's individual specifications to provide a perfect fit for your production needs.

The most effective combination of pail printer & accessories for your application can only be determined by analysis of your specific pail printing requirements. Based on our global experience of over 300 machine installations, we can supply the right solutions.

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